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Planscape Planner™ For Me looks at all the relevant components that are specific to you.

It is guaranteed to declutter your finances, give you clarity around your goals and a road map to help you achieve those goals.

As an Independent Financial Broker, Coleman Financial Planning are able to offer real choice and therefore real value to our Planscape Clients.



Your income is your most important asset because it pays for your bills, rent, mortgage, savings, food and all your day to day spending. Planscape Planner™ will identify what level of income you need to protect and the most appropriate way to do it.



By reviewing your loans, mortgages or any other form of debt you can make significant savings to you monthly outgoings.



Planscape Planner™ will help you achieve your short, medium and long term savings needs by mapping out what funds you require and when you are likely to need access to them.


Life Cover

Protecting your family or dependants in the event of your death is important but many people find it is hard to work out how much life cover is needed. Because Planscape Planner™ looks at your unique financial circumstances it will clearly demonstrate how much cover is needed for you.


Income Protection

There are many ways to protect your income. We will show you the most appropriate and tax efficient way of ensuring your finances are not impacted in the event that you are unable to work due to any illness or injury.



Through the Planscape Planner™ Risk Profiler, we can identify what type of investment your funds or savings are suited to. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your hard earned money is working the way you want it to.



Cash flow modelling is at the heart of the Planscape Planner™ process. By reviewing your current financial situation and projecting forward to future life events you will be able to implement simple changes now and avoid having to make difficult financial decisions in the future.


Pension Planning

At some stage in your life you may wish to stop working or at least reduce the time you spending working every week. By starting a plan for a retirement now you will reduce the gap in income from when you're at work to when you retire.


Mortgage Protection

Planscape Planner™ will show you the different ways to protect your mortgage and because Coleman Financial Planning is an independent broker, we can guarantee to find you the most affordable cover in the market.


Serious Illness Cover

Serious Illness Cover is now more affordable than ever before and it covers a much more extensive range of illnesses. We will be able to demonstrate what level of cover you should have and the most affordable way to get you protected.


Previous Employer Pension Plans

Many people have left jobs where they had been paying into a pension plan. We will guide you through your options and help you take control of your pension assets.


“The service I received from Coleman Financial Planning was excellent.  Daragh was a pleasure to deal with.  He understood what areas I wanted addressed and explained in a clear and transparent way, how I could achieve my financial goals.  The benefits to my finances were instant!  I would (and have!) no problem recommending Coleman Financial Planning to anyone who would like a professional financial advisor”

Julieanne Walsh Owner & Managing Director - Rock Paper Flower 27th January 2017

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