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Planscape Planner™ will identify what is important to you and your family.

Planscape Planner™ for my family will ensure that the financial decisions that you need to make are putting the family first, now and into the future.

As an Independent Financial Broker, Coleman Financial planning have been looking after families by giving them real choice and therefore real value.


Family Protection

There are several ways you can protect a family and it can be daunting trying to work out how much cover is required and for how long. By using Planscape Planner™ we can tailor a solution that is flexible and unique to your family's needs.



Cash flow modelling is at the heart of the Planscape Planner™ process. By reviewing your current financial situation and projecting forward to future life events you will be able to implement simple changes now and avoid having to make difficult financial decisions down the line.


Emergency Savings

Have you access to funds in an emergency? Do you have enough? How much is enough? A key part to the Financial Planning process is to ensure that you have the security of knowing that money is accessible at short notice.


Long-term Investments

One of the great features with Planscape Planner™ is that it can identify what funds you require and when. For savings that you need in the long term we will advise you on options that suit your investment experience and risk profile and ultimately get your money working hard.


Protecting Income

There are many ways to protect your income. We will show you the most appropriate and tax efficient way of ensuring your finances are not impacted in the event that you are unable to work due to any illness or injury.


Personal Debt

By reviewing your loans, mortgages or any other form of debt you can make significant savings to you monthly outgoings.


Savings for Future Educational Costs

School and College fees can place a big strain on a family's budget but by putting money aside on a regular basis you may not have to face a big expense when the time comes.


Illness Cover

Serious Illness Cover is now more affordable than ever before and covers a much more extensive range of illnesses. Coleman Financial Planning will be able to demonstrate what level of cover you should have and the most affordable way to get you protected.


Inheritance Tax Planning

With changes to the Inheritance Tax Planning laws in recent years, it has meant that families are facing huge revenue bills when they inherit an asset. Coleman Financial Planning will guide you through the various ways of reducing a future tax bill and make a recommended solution that is specific to your circumstances.


“I moved my pension and investment management to Coleman Financial Planning shortly after their establishing. This was largely due to a lack of confidence in a previous advisor, but also a suspected loss of interest on their part too. So what a surprise to meet Daragh who offered simple explanations and sound advice, such that I was then able to make informed decisions about my pensions and other policies I had accumulated. Daragh also was able to provide concrete financial planning which has left me with sure footing for the future”

Peter McElwee McElwee Pharmacies 27th January 2017

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